Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Fond Adieu

Flickr: Photo by Jonathan Walczak.

To populist candidate John Edwards, who will announce that he is dropping out of the presidential race at 1:00 p.m. in New Orleans.

I loved everything Edwards stood for, but felt his message got lost in his anger. Anger is not a winning political emotion. He would have been better off with a more hopeful message, with a message focusing not on the country's problems but on his solutions.

Speaking of hope, hopefully whichever Democrat wins the race envisions an important job for Edwards. He'd make a great Attorney General. Better yet, I'd love to see him on the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court makes law by reviewing the results of trials, and most of the judges on the current court weren't trial lawyers. It would be great to have a real trial lawyer on the court to balance out all the ivory tower and corporate lawyers there now.

And farewell to Elizabeth Edwards too, my favorite of the candidates' spouses. I'd put my money on her in a candidate's spouse debate, even against Bill.

Will he endorse Obama or Hillary? Media reports say not today, but I would expect him to lean towards Obama given the way he defended him in the debates.

Thanks for running a campaign focused on the issues that matter to real Americans. Godspeed John and Elizabeth Edwards.

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