Thursday, January 31, 2008

Campaign Stuff

Library of Congress:
Suffragettes posting bills
[between 1910 and 1915]

Great all-encompassing post reviewing the prospects of Clinton and Obama in each of the 22 Super Tuesday states, Super Tuesday Preview from poblano at dailykos.

New York Times has hit piece on the Clintons on the front page this morning. Here's how it is summarized on the front page of the website: "A Canadian financier who traveled to Kazakhstan with Bill Clinton and won a big mining deal later donated millions to Mr. Clinton’s charitable foundation."

Good Morning America has acquired tapes of WalMart corporate board meetings where union busting was discussed while Hillary Clinton sat silent. (Or as one wag on dailykos noted, she "voted present" on union busting.) hat tip to redglare at dailykos.

Much speculation about what has been dubbed "The Snub", Obama refusing to shake Hillary's hand at the SOTU speech. Coverage collected here at Tennessee Guerrilla Women. Are these really the things we should be basing decisions on? Of course the corporate media loves this crap.

On the Rethugs side, AP is reporting the the Mittwit isn't buying ad time in the Super Tuesday states. Saving Tagg's inheritance and throwing in the towel. hat tip to Talking Points Memo.

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