Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blogtopia* RoundUp, Wednesday August 1, 2007

SI Neg. 95-9624. Date: 1995...Liddicoatitie (tourmaline family), Madagascar. ..Credit: Laurie Minor-Penland (Smithsonian Institution)

The 2004 election was stolen; conveniently for the vote-thieving Republicans, ballots in 56 of 88 counties have been destroyed, in violation of a federal order to preserve them.

Senator Stevens has been trying to weasel his way out of charges his house renovations were a sweetheart deal by saying "My wife and I paid every bill that was presented to us". Of course, there were probably many things that went unbilled, if you know what I mean.

CNN has given Laura Ingraham Paula Zahn's slot until Mrs. Dan Senor (the USRepublican spokesman in Iraq), Campbell Brown, takes over. At Hullabaloo, Dover Bitch remembers one of Ingraham's sycophantic interviews with Heckuva Job Rumsfield.

Speaking of Rummy, that psychopathic MF will testify in the Tilllman investigation by the House Oversight Committee today. I hope Henry Waxman rips him a new one. ACTION ALERT: Sign VoteVets petition to get Bush to release the Tillman documents he's covering up with a bogus executive privilege claim.

Home Depot (following Lowes) pulls its advertising from Bill O'Lielly's show. Or maybe they don't. Pressure is having an effect, for sure.

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