Thursday, July 12, 2007

Steinbrenner Has Dementia

MSNBC: Yankees owner George Steinbrenner has faded from public view.
Chris O'meara / AP

Have you been wondering all season, where is George? As the Yankees sank into irrelevance, playing like crap across America, where were the Steinbrenner ultimatums? The tantrums? The threats to fire everyone?

Apparently Phil Mushnick of the New York Post spilled the beans on July 2nd in an article entitled "Who's the Boss?".

All reasonable signs indicate that his [Steinbrenner's] dementia--he turned 77 on July 4--is now so profound that he is being carefully hidden from public view, appearing in only occasional, circumspect quotes issued by his longtime personal public relations man, Howard Rubenstein.

Sad. Now he probably doesn't even remember that he once called Dave Winfield "Mr. May", or that Billy Martin called him a convicted liar, or that Ronald Reagan pardoned away his conviction for illegal campaign contributions to Richard Nixon. (wikipedia)

It's not as much fun to kick around Brian Cashman or Joe Torre with our 10-game lead in the American League East. Steinbrenner made such a perfect villain and clown at the same time. Who could forget the supposed fight in the elevator at the 1981 World Series? Or these other lowlights?

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