Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm One of the "Bad Gals"

More Bad Gals

Caption/Headline: Olympic gold medalist in soccer Abby Wambach, left, and singer Sheryl Crow arrive at the Women's Sports Foundation's 27th Annual Salute to Women In Sports Awards Dinner in New York on Monday, October 16, 2006. Each year the Women's Sports Foundation honors the best athletes in women's sports, including the Sportswoman of the Year. (Jim Sulley/Newscast)

And proud to be a winner! A month ago I called Jonah Goldberg's main squeeze Jessica Gavora, the Title IX hater, a right-wing fruitcake. Got a link from NRO Online for my efforts, and a wingnut attack. In this article the (un)fair Jessica calls pro-Title IX women like me "bad gals", "aging, feminist, rent-seeking practitioners of gender politics" (rent-seeking?), "activists, bureaucrats, and trial lawyers", "chick sports luminaries", "Title IX quota advocates", and "the gals from the Women's Sports Foundation". Guilty as charged, ma'am. I'm for equality, see me roar!
Title IX Trickle-Down
National Review Online: Law Now Results In Discrimination Against High School Boys
(National Review Online) This column was written by Jessica Gavora.

Title IX turns 35 this month and the bad gals have officially won. Sex quotas in sports under the anti-discrimination law are de rigeur on college campuses. And the Bush administration's failure to even challenge this perversion of the law — concocted, for the most part, by and during the Clinton administration — means that eliminating men's sports opportunities in the name of "creating" opportunities for women now has bipartisan blessing.


Apart from issuing toothless guidance on using student surveys to comply with Title IX in 2005, the Bush administration has been a crushing disappointment to supporters of endangered men's sports.

Loser. Sore loser. Do not mess with the Chick Sports Luminaries. Do not. We will kick your sorry ass.

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