Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Go fishing! That's what Senator Jim Webb and son are doing:

hat tip to Americablog (I'm banned there, so no linky. Big girl that I am.)

Fishing story: A few years back a friend took his son fishing for Father's Day. He came home with a treble hook embedded in his calf. When his wife took him to the emergency room, there was another guy there getting a fish hook taken out! Apparently this is a very common hazard of Father's Day. They also saw a guy with a chainsaw injury. Be careful out there, guys.

And, finally, a list of the fathers who weren't careful. Did you know that Calvin Murphy reportedly has 14 children by 9 women? More sports figures who are busy fathers here:

100% Injury Rate: It should be a busy Father's Day for these guys

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