Saturday, May 19, 2007

Speaking of the N Word

The Crawford Caligula has nominated a judge to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals who thinks it's OK for a state employee to call a co-worker a "good ole nigger".

If this whole Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals thing doesn't work out, maybe he can get a tryout as Tom Finneran's sidekick on WRKO-AM in Boston?

Houston Chronicle: Senate can short-circuit assault on appeals bench

If you liked Don Imus, you're going to love Leslie Southwick.

Fortunately, Imus has not been nominated to a seat on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. But Southwick has been.

Southwick is yet another example of President Bush's determined effort to give a seat on this important legal fulcrum to a person with a troubling record on civil rights.

The 5th Circuit is made up of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. According to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, it is the federal judicial circuit with the highest percentage of minority residents.

So it seems axiomatic that the 5th Circuit does not need a judge who appeared untroubled when a white government employe referred to an African-American co-worker as "a good ole nigger."

As a member of the Mississippi Court of Appeals, Southwick was in the 5-4 majority that voted to uphold the reinstatement of the white worker.

That was such an egregious decision that it was overturned unanimously — repeat, unanimously — by the Mississippi Supreme Court — repeat, Mississippi.

HuffPo: Senate Shouldn't Move on Judge in "N Word" Case

People for the American Way Letter to SJC Chairs Leahy & Specter, May 8, 2007 (pdf link, 7 pages)

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