Saturday, May 26, 2007

He's Beck!

Real Madrid's David Beckham leaves the pitch after beating Deportivo la Coruna 3-1 in a Spanish league football match at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid. Beckham is back in the England squad for the first time since last year's World Cup after Steve McClaren opted to swallow his pride and pick the Real midfielder for Friday's friendly against Brazil and the following Wednesday's crucial Euro 2008 qualifier in Estonia.(AFP/Pedro Armestre)

Finally, manager Steve McClaren recalls Beckham to the England squad. 'Ol Bleached Teeth was happy to shitcan Beckham after the World Cup, to show us who's boss; now he comes crawling back to England's best dead ball specialist. You can listen to a long interview with Beckham (recorded before the recall was announced) here on the BBC (click on podcast) or a shorter interview here.

MLS and American soccer are roundly derided in all these articles:

"Beckham will soon be off to an international backwater"

"What a waste of talent."

"His career seemed to be easing into a more comfortable twilight zone when in January Beckham announced he would move to LA Galaxy."

"He is going to be playing at a significantly lower level when he moves to Los Angeles. It is the first step to retirement."

"After their trip to Tallinn, England play Israel and Russia at Wembley on Sept 8 and 12 respectively. Estonia then visit on Oct 13 before the difficult trip to Russia on Oct 17. From July 1, Beckham will only be up against the best that America has to offer so it is unlikely that he will be ready for such challenging matches."

"As far as I am concerned, Beckham retired the moment he announced he was off to play the equivalent of non-league football in America.”

"He looked like a spent force at the World Cup, and if that was not the case would he really be heading for the elephants’ graveyard that is North American “soccer”? Out there in the galaxy of mediocrity that is the rough equivalent of our Nationwide Conference, he cannot hope to be fit enough, or sharp enough, to complete the European qualifying series with England next season. "

"This is the pattern of Beckham's career and it is unlikely to be touched by the fact that in practical terms his forthcoming move to the soccer boondocks of America means that his return to the international stage should be brief."

I watched an MLS game tonight and can't disagree with any of these comments. The level of play, the technical ability, the speed are all lacking. David Beckham will be the best player in MLS the moment he steps onto the field.

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