Sunday, April 29, 2007

On The Media

Our prostrate corporate media

A round-up of news about the corporate media and a few glimmerings of change:

Digby at Hullabaloo reminds us of what happened to Ashley Banfield of MBNBC when she criticized the media's coverage of the Iraq war.

Greg Palast in the LATimes on how the corporate media in the US no longer do investigative reporting.

Bill Moyers's new show on PBS aired Friday night; it featured Jon Stewart of the Daily Show and Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo. Watch it here.

Frank Rich gets off Imus's couch (because Imus doesn't have a couch any more, ha ha) and attacks David Broder of the WaPo for going along with Bush and the neocons. (All The President's Press, TimesSelect Wall; also here and here). (I have to take any whoo, isn't Frank Rich great feelings with a grain of salt, as Frank Rich was a frequent guest of Imus, so all that racist and sexist crap didn't bother him so much, and also, he was one of the people who pilloried Al Gore for being boring, and helped give us Chimpy McFlightsuit who is a DISASTER. So I don't have the love for Frank Rich. Wary, yet.)

On a happier note, Charlie Savage of the Boston Globe, who wrote the story about Bush's use of signing statements, won the Pulitzer Prize. Go Charlie go.

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