Sunday, January 07, 2007

John McCain's Bullshit Express

John McCain is no maverick. He'll say whatever he thinks is the most popular thing du jour. The Carpetbagger Report has documented thirteen (13) McCain flip-flops. Play at home! If you can add to the list, leave your McCain Bullshit Express Flip-Flop in Comments.

* McCain went from saying he would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade to saying the exact opposite.

* McCain criticized TV preacher Jerry Falwell as “an agent of intolerance” in 2002, but has since decided to cozy up to the man who said Americans “deserved” the 9/11 attacks. (Indeed, McCain has now hired Falwell’s debate coach.)

* McCain used to oppose Bush’s tax cuts for the very wealthy, but he reversed course in February.


And now McCain has gone from insisting that the war in Iraq would be easy to insisting that he’s always said the war in Iraq would be hard.
And yet, you’ll still find most of the political establishment arguing that McCain’s strength as a candidate is his credibility.

link via BoingBoing.

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