Friday, December 01, 2006

Blogtopia* Roundup, Friday December 1st, 2006

People stand on a 1700 square-meter banner, that indicates the areas in the world where the AIDS problem is at its worst, on World AIDS Day at the Spuiplein in The Hague December 1, 2006. REUTERS/Michael Kooren (NETHERLANDS)

Glenn Greenwald smacks down Tom "Six More Months" Friedman: The Tom Friedman disease consumes Establishment Washington

Two good posts at Hullabaloo:

(1) Digby on the new Republican meme, 'Blame the American people, not Bush, when we lose Iraq': Political Constraints

(2) Tristero says we must not forget 'the extremely dangerous failure of intellectual judgment' that led influential pundits to support the Iraq war: On Not Leaving Well Enough Alone

Susie Madrak points out that George Will's nasty column about Senator Jim Webb yesterday got 77 pages of comments (most of which are biting): Incivility

Dan Froomkin (WaPo) says journalists need to do their jobs again: On Calling Bullshit

Today is World AIDS Day, probably a more important idea than yesterday which was proclaimed Meth Awareness Day by the U.S. Government

*yes! skippy coined that phrase!

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