Sunday, November 12, 2006

'This war MUST end, NOW.'

Blah3: Veteran's Day

As you all know, now, I am a Disabled Veteran of Gulf War Poppy. I'm not proud, nor do I want sympathy... I was Disabled doing... printing....Hyper exposed to toluene making little metal plates for ships, Hyper exposed to Toluene making little metal plates for ships, nine hours a day, and 24 hour a day every 3rd day.

I'm now severely epileptic, I see the VA Doctors every few months. I used to be the young kid in the waiting room... no more... My heart gets torn apart, sitting there in the VA Hospital Neurology labs waiting room... Kids 19-20 years old being rolled in in their wheelchairs.. Fuct for life by this misbegotten war based on lies... These poor kids, their poor families.

Many of these kids are obviously missing large chunks of their skulls and brains. They wear helmets or other protective headgear, but, it is obvious that the level of trauma that they took was far more heavy than I took. More often than not, when my name is called, I defer to one of these poor Brothers... or Sisters first. Who the fuck am I to hold up their obviously more urgent care. I often set a precedent for others in the waiting room. We KNOW who needs care more than us. Thus the Band of Brothers and Sisters.

Regularly, sitting there in the waiting room, we discuss the War, the Policies, the Funding, and to a man, lately... the past year, we were all in agreement... The Bush Administration has been fucking US Disabled Veterans as quickly as they are making them. They have reduced VA Department budgets by over $300 Million dollars in the past six years. We all know this and feel it in our care, service and treatment. I used to see the doctors once a month... Now it's every six months... out of budget necessities, and with their sincere apologies. I can't blame the VA. I CAN blame the Goddamned Bush Motherfuckers though.

How FUCKING DARE THEY make a thousand Disabled Veterans every month, while they CUT the VA budget? Heartless motherfuckers. I'm not thinking about myself... I thinking about these poor kids in the Neurology Lab waiting room, hoping for... fuck... something... Here is what I see in that lobby.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for noticing my writing, and for the kind words, my friend.

Urge your Congressman to increase the VA budgets to meet todays needs.

These kids deserve the care that they NEED.

This war MUST end.

Again, Thank you.