Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Signs I Am Getting Old

I just watched a piece on local TV about an email death threat against local hero Doug Flutie. And Doug Flutie has badly dyed hair. Darker than his eyebrows, all one color, not a speck of the white at the temples or the red highlights that he used to have. Kind of sad. I still have my red and blue boxes of Flutie Flakes.

No sadder than yesterday when I was flicking through the channels and saw Robert Redford on CNBC, and he appeared to have a really bad orange wig on top, well kind of askew on top, of his grey hair. It looked like he had just stuck it on there himself, no stylist involved, a lovely bright orange color, and all his white sideburns and neck hair sticking out all around it.

Well, at least neither of them has had awful plastic surgery, like Michael Douglas or Mickey Rourke.

Personally, I'd rather be gray and saggy than fake.

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