Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh Fer Christsake

I'm watching the press conference by the Ethics Committee announcing the House is going to investigate itself. And the Senior DEMOCRATIC Member of the Committee, Howard Berman (D-Dummy) of California just announced that the investigation is going to be nonpartisan.

Is he an idiot? It's a partisan scandal! It's a scandal about how the partisan Republican House leadership was willing to throw a bunch of high school kids to the wolves for base partisan gains! The Democrats were cut out of the loop from the beginning! All official information about Foley's predilection for young boys was kept within the Republican leadership. It's a Republican scandal. Period.

Why is this moron providing cover for the Republicans? Is he a politician or a mouse? For Christsake, if you're worried about the House, HOLD A SEPARATE PRESS CONFERENCE and say so. But why give the Republican leadership a life buoy while they're drowning?

Don't these jamokes realize that politics v. the modern Republican party is a battle to the death? That when you roll over and say you're trying to work together, they'll cut your throat and go out for a beer without a second thought?

How will the Democrats ever win anything if they don't know how to fight?


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Generik said...

Couldn't agree with you more.

Although I personally wish that the American people would resoundingly vote the Rethugs out of office just because they're a bunch of liars, enablers and war profiteers, I'm happy enough to see them brought low by their incredible hubris and hypocrisy on this issue. If that's what it takes, so be it.

Now, let's see the Democrats exhibit some damn spine. If not now, when?