Sunday, October 01, 2006

Clemens a 'Roider?

Roger was already in the twilight of his career when he left the Red Sox (yes, that's a Dan Duquette joke), but I always did think Clemens was suspicious because he got really big after he left the Red Sox. (Now many Red Sox fans will say he got real big during his last year with the Sox, but those were 'get out of Boston' fat pounds, not muscle.) And after he met Andy Pettite, remember all the stories about how Clemens introduced Pettite to his 'workout' routine, how Pettite all of the sudden put on 20 pounds and bulked up? And then Pettite was basically on the DL for the next two years. So I'm not surprised that their names have surfaced in a steroids probe.

LATimes: Clemens Is Named in Drug Affidavit
The star pitcher and five other players used performance-enhancers, according to a former teammate who took steroids, prosecutors say.

Roger Clemens, 1986

Roger Clemens, 2006

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