Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dempsey Wants Premier League

Clint Dempsey wants desperately to go play in England. Why not? He's not going anywhere playing in a low-level league like MLS, and Bob Kraft is paying him $75,000 a year. Go Clint and good luck to ya.


AMERICA'S most controversial footballer Clint Dempsey is destined for the Premiership after rejecting a new contract in the MLS.

The New England Revolution midfielder, a former target for West Ham and Charlton, plans to quit the States in January before his deal expires next summer.

And the Premiership is bracing itself for plenty of outrageous behaviour from the colourful star, who grew up in a Texas trailer park and was suspended in March for attacking Revolution captain Joe Franchino in training.

"England is a great country to play in and I want to leave MLS," said Dempsey, 23.

"Teams abroad are willing to pay me 10 times more money and I don't want to be here.

There is no way I am staying in the MLS."

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