Saturday, July 29, 2006

Eric Massa, NY-29, A Fighting Dem for the House

firedoglake: Blue America — Eric Massa, NY-29

I read firedoglake's post on Eric Massa and went to the Act Blue page to send him a little money. Gotta support those Fighting Dems.

He called me! Less than an hour later! He is committed to personal politics. Every contributor gets a phone call. He said his Republican opponent, Randy Kuhl (the Shotgun Senator) just left on a Congressional factfinding mission -- to Iraq. We agreed that the money being spent to send the clueless Kuhl to Iraq would be better spent on armor for the troops, who are still underequipped.

So if you live in western New York, please get out there and work for Eric Massa and put a Fighting Dem in the House in place of a right-wing nutjob.

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