Saturday, July 29, 2006

AP Thinks Lieberman Is Toast

These are the #2 and #3 articles on Yahoo Politics News right now:

#2 Struggling AP: Lieberman faces political abyss

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. - Anti-war Democrats bailed in droves. Teachers unions left over vouchers. Men are drawn to his challenger, and women aren't all that crazy about the incumbent, either.

Once, Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut seemed on the brink of the vice presidency, a principled moderate in a party that didn't always warm to them. Now, hewing to his support for the war in Iraq, he confronts a political abyss, abandoned by all groups but the poorer, older and less educated Democrats in his state.

#3 AP: Incumbent senators who have lost primaries

I just think he's an ass. Here's his ad trying to prove he's a Democrat. Looks like an ass to me. (Yes, this is an actual Joe Lieberman ad, courtesy LamontBlog.)


Kevin Hayden said...

It may be an obscure point, but I was surprised to learn that Claude Pepper - and FDR-Dem and champion of seniors during a long Congressional career - was driven from the Senate. I wonder if he was viewed as too pro-labor or too pro-civil-rights to gain that distinction.

Interesting, too, is the fact that 6 to 8 incumbents lost in the first three decades, but from 1980, that number has fallen off sharply. One must be magnificently corrupt or out of touch to have that happen.

truth said...

Today's Representatives and Senators are 365-day-a-year fundraising machines, giving them a money advantage over challengers that means they almost never lose.

A friend works for a nonprofit, and they have to commit to fundraise at least $10,000 to get a meeting with a Senator. Sick.