Monday, May 01, 2006

England: No Rooney, No World Cup Hope

Striker Wayne Rooney broke the fourth metatarsal bone in his right foot in a Premier League game against Chelsea on Saturday, and there went England's World Cup hopes.

Brave words were said by Rooney's coach, Eriksson, but the fact is that he is highly unlikely to recover in time to play and be any kind of factor.

From The Guardian (uk), a story about the role Rooney's brand new Nike boots may have played, and a recent history of English players with broken metatarsals, with recovery times:

Nike bruised as new boots backfire

Metatarsal mayhem

Wayne Rooney Fifth metatarsal - June 2004 Predicted return 8 weeks returned 14 weeks later

David Beckham Second metatarsal- April 2002 Predicted 6 weeks returned 7 weeks later
[and was completely ineffective]
Gary Neville Fifth metatarsal - April 2002 Predicted 6-8 weeks returned 21 weeks later

Ashley Cole Fifth metatarsal - Oct 2005 Predicted 6-8 weeks returned 12 weeks later

Scott Parker Second metatarsal - Dec 2004 Predicted 8 weeks returned 34 weeks later

Michael Owen Fifth metatarsal - Jan 2006 Predicted 6-8 weeks returned 17 weeks later

Danny Murphy Second metatarsal - May 2002 Predicted 6 weeks returned 21 weeks later

Steven Gerrard Fifth metatarsal - Sep 22 2004 Predicted 6-8 weeks returned 10 weeks later

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