Wednesday, May 03, 2006

At Least My Congressman Didn't Vote For The Next War

Don't our representatives in Congress learn from their own mistakes? Having given the Decider-in-Chimp a blank check for war with Iraq, which he has filled out, to date, with over 2400 American deaths, over 100,000 Iraqi deaths, over $320 billion dollars; and has us stuck in a complete quagmire, how could Congress possibly go down that road again? I ask again, isn't doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result the definition of insanity?

Thank you Jim McGovern (D-MA) for voting against this charade. House votes 397-21 for “Iran Freedom Support Act”

As if Iraq isn’t a big enough mess, the House of Representatives has just voted to 'hold Iran accountable and support a transition to democracy’. Sound Familiar? Only this time Iran is a democracy. They just held an election where their president was actually elected by the people. How refreshing.

After everything that has been exposed…the lies, the profiteering, the long list of war crimes, 397 'Representatives’ gave Bush the go ahead on attacking Iran. Only 21 Patriots voted Nay. Sad to say but these are the only people we can trust…

Baldwin, Blumenauer, Boyd, DeFazio, Duncan, Flake, Hostettler, Jones (NC), Kucinich, Leach, McDermott, McGovern, McKinney, Oberstar, Obey, Olver, Paul, Rahall, Snyder, Stark, Taylor

The most disappointing aspect however is the fact that so many of our 'progressive’ leaders in congress voted for this lie. John Conyers voted yay. Maxine Waters, Murtha, Bernie Sanders, Lynn Woolsey, Barbara Lee all voted for it. On the hill today the Progressive Caucus is hosting a hearing on Iraq…

Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee will host a hearing on the Iraq War next Thursday, April 27, 8:30-11 a.m., in 2325 Rayburn House Office Building. The two Co-Chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are continuing to do what the "leadership" of both parties does not, respond to the demands of the majority of Americans, who disapprove of current policy.

Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee just voted yay on giving the green light for war on Iran. I can assure them that the demands of the majority of Americans are not in accordance with their vote on Iran. We are supposed to believe that these representatives 'can get fooled again’? Are they merely posing as the opposition in order to stall for Bush?

Drunken lout
Sweeney (NY-20), with a strong challenger in the November elections, abstained. I wonder if that is a measure of the war's unpopularity in his district, or did he just have a hangover?


sid said...

well agree iraq is a mess.... america should hv targeted iran.

iran is an obvious threat. they are openly calling for the destruction of israel. and if they develop a nuclear missile, things will get nasty...

dont blame bush...who started this war...if it wern't for 9'11 all this would not have happened.

bush is like a father to a family, if he feels his family is in danger he takes necessary steps to overcome the danger...

if some kinda tragedy happens in ur own country...there would be a lot of protests and stuff against the government and when the government take action so that no tragedy takes place in their country u ppl still protest!!weird

Lisa M said...

Bush is no father I'd ever want.

He is a person that led us into an unprovoked war against a nation that was not a threat to us. He pulled out UN Wepaon's Inspectors and replaced them with troops many of whom have since been killed and maimed.

And now our troops are stuck in a nationbuilding quagmire.

And now we can't do what might have to be done to protect ourselves against real threats - like find Osoma Bin Laden or get Iran and North Korea to back away from their nuke programs.

Bush's message to the "axis of evil" in invading Iraq was that if you do not have nukes or WMDs you will be attacked. And if you do have them, you will not be attacked.

What kind of leader basically forces other nations to proliferate nukes in this reckless manner? What kind of leader over-extends our troops and ignores advice that we need more troops and gets us into a war with no exit strategy? What kind of leader fails to plan for the fall of a regime that he is toppling and tells us that we will be greeted with open arms and dancing in the streets in a war that will last just weeks and will be paid for with oil monies.

All of that was untrue and it was irresponsible to say the least for "daddy" not to have been better prepared and not to have had a plan B, C, D, E and F. After all American lives were and still are on the line here.