Thursday, May 11, 2006

Call Verizon And Ask For A Refund

(800) 870-9999

That's what I just did, and I was shocked that the Verizon flunkie had not received any other calls about this. He didn't even know about the story, and was quite conciliatory after he looked it up. (Bet he has a Verizon account, and therefore an NSA/FBI file, too). I asked for two things:

(1) Immediately suspend any NSA access to my account; and

(2) A refund of my service charges for the last five years.

The arrogant Verizon bastards put me on hold as I navigated from voice mail hell to the rep, and the taped announcement ends with "As always, privacy of your account is your right, and our duty."

Lying bastards.


David Miller said...


I'm writing from the public radio show Open Source. We'd love to record your story for our show tonight. You can reach me at

Best regards,
David Miller
Senior Producer, Open Source

Anonymous said...

The story was aired on Open Source Friday morning, May 12th.