Friday, January 06, 2006

WalMart PR Machine Busy

I posted on the Walmart/Planet of the Apes story this morning and was soon thereafter visited by "Edelman PR". I didn't connect the two, but became curious when the same outfit visited my blog two times more today.

Edelman must be assigned to this issue, as they are on the WalMart payroll to provide reputation management. They must be sending some big bills if they've visiting my little blog 3 times today (3 of my 25 visits). I wonder how many times they've been to firedoglake or Crooks & Liars?

Too bad they didn't just advise WalMart against eliminating surplus food donations to the homeless. Morons.

From Sourcewatch:


In October 2005, Reuters reported that Edelman is to mount an aggressive campaign against Robert Greenwald's new documentary Wal-Mart: The High Cost of a Low Price. In what is reported to be a movie industry first, Edelman's representatives emailed reporters press kits containing a point-by-point rebuttal of the film's trailer, which Wal-Mart is demanding be altered or removed from the website. (The trailer is under fire because the documentary itself will not be released until November 1, 2005.) "The press kit includes snippets from negative reviews of Greenwald's earlier works - one dating as far back as 1980 - and three examples of what the retailer calls factual errors in the latest documentary."

I do love my site meter.

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