Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Presstitute of the Day: Gloria Borger

I heard Gloria Borger's report on the Abramoff indictment on the CBS morning show. She ended her description of his nefarious doings by saying, of course, Abramoff gave money to Democrats as well as Republicans.

This is not true. Abramoff never gave money to any Democrat.

Bloomberg (via firedoglake):

Between 2001 and 2004, Abramoff gave more than $127,000 to Republican candidates and committees and nothing to Democrats, federal records show.

Jack Abramoff's political contribution history, from the Federal Election Commission (via Newsmeat). Not a penny, not to one Democrat.

Gloria Borger: Presstitute, delivering (false) Republican talking points as fact.

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Dowser said...

Here, here! I was disgusted by her report on the Alito hearings on CBS Evening News with Bob Schieffer last night. She essentially editorialized that the Democrats went too far in questioning Alito, being sooo incredibly nasty that as a result poor Mrs. Martha Alito was unmercifully brought to tears by the savage attacks of the Democrats. Give me a break!