Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama: Stand Up and Fight for the Public Option

The last tough Democratic President

OpenLeft: Public Option or Primary!

Any Democrat who does not vote for a "public option" insurance plan in health care reform must be challenged in a primary. And this includes any President who does not go to the mat and fight 100% for a public option.

I'll camp out in front of Howard Dean's door for a year to get him to run for President if Obama abandons the campaign promises he made to us.

No public option, not one red cent to any Democrat who opposed the public option. It's that simple. And that includes one Barack Obama. I hope he realizes that. If he does not fight for us he is just another in the long line of corporate shills who talk a good game to get our votes then go off and vote with the money guys.

He's either with us or against us. Will the real Barack Obama please stand up?


Anonymous said...

If Obama caves on the public option, it will break my heart (figuratively and possibly literally). Currently health care for the uninsured and underinsured is a race for profits and a race against death!

Susan and Kim in Ithaca, NY

retiringlady09 said...

Obama needs to stand up and punch back. Letting these right wingers who are bought and paid for by the insurance and drug industries control this debate is absurd considering that the Democrats can do this without any bi-partisan nonsense. The American people WANT this and they WANT it now. Medicare for All is the only option which makes any sense to control costs and cover all citizens. Our economy will crash without real reform of health care. Obama needs to LEAD, not keep smiling and "finessing" this thing, as Bill Moyers so eloquently put it. This is a fight and Obama needs to lead with his left.