Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yeah, I've Been Slacking Off

Daily Express

As GW would say (if he were a blogger) blogging is hard work. I've been putting my time and energy into other projects lately; thus the blogging has suffered. 'Cept for today; I'm home with a miserable cold so I've been wandering around the internet for kicks.

So, there will be considerable less posting on this site for the foreseeable future. Other than the blogroll to the right, here are a few other blogs you may enjoy.

Buttered Noodles This woman can really write, and not just about food.

The Consumerist Originally one of the Gawker blogs, it didn't make enough money for Nick Denton and is now part of Consumers Union. They have a post Monday-Friday called "Morning Deals" where they review good deals on consumer products on the web. I got my new TV for a great price with free shipping from one of their posts. Of course, you have to know what you're looking for and scrutinize them carefully. Often the sales are of reconditioned products, which in the real world we call "used".

Hey, It's Free Everyone can use a bargain these days!

I also recommend looking into the Google Reader to follow all the blogs you read. Here's a video tutorial on how to use the Google Reader


lovable liberal said...

Hey, blogging is hard work! You have to take in information, think of something to say about it, and write semi-coherently your thoughts about it.

I don't think Duhbya could handle it.

I'll miss your voice if you slack off down to zero. Why not pick a couple of days a week to publish and use Blogger's schedule feature to make sure there's always something on those days? In other words, drop back from being a daily to being a twice-weekly.

truth said...

I like the scheduling feature, but I have this bad habit of getting to the end of a post and hitting "post" reflexively without pausing to change the date & time. But thanks for the suggestion. First I just need a little more time off. :)