Monday, March 30, 2009

Let the Booing Begin

Who will measure the decibels? I would wear earplugs if I were going to this game.


ARLINGTON, Texas -- Former President George W. Bush will throw out the ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day for the Texas Rangers.


lovable liberal said...

Wonder if he can hit the broad side of a waterboard?

Vancouver Realtor said...

Poor guy...I wonder if anyone will throw something at him...haha. But maybe they won't boo so much since Texas secretly still loves Mr. Bush.

Take care, Jay

Anonymous said...

The crowd actually cheered pretty well when he was introduced. It's nice to see some people still have class regardless of their position on political issues.

truth said...

Ah, yes, the class the fans of George W. Bush, murderer and torturer. Make me puke.