Friday, March 13, 2009

Clintons Buying a Home in Woodstock???

Kingston Daily Freeman: Former President Bill Clinton, right, poses with Minnie Kiruka, an employee of the Emerson Resort and Spa in Mount Tremper, during a visit to the inn in December. Clinton’s wife Hillary — then a U.S. senator and now the secretary of state — is at left. File photo

Bill & Hillary Clinton are rumored to be looking for a house in Woodstock, New York. Since you are a hip reader of mine you realize that the Woodstock Festival wasn't held in Woodstock in 1969; it was on Max Yasgur's farm in nearby Bethel. Woodstock is a charming little town and I'd hate to see it inundated with Secret Service and Clinton watchers.

Kingston Daily Freeman: Clintons to Woodstock? Rumors are swirling

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