Sunday, February 15, 2009

Whatever Happened To....Jason McElwain?

Remember Jason McElwain, the autistic kid who hit 6 three-pointers the only time he ever played in a high school basketball game? McElwain made an appearance at a local high school yesterday. He wrote a book, and the Southborough 7th and 8th grade basketball teams read it. The coach invited him to the school's annual Student-Faculty game. The local paper has an article and a video.

Metrowest News: J-Mac thrills Southborough crowd

[Jason] McElwain, who works at a Wegmans grocery store during the day and is the program assistant for the junior varsity basketball team in Greece, said he dreams of becoming a head high school coach some day and to continue creating autism awareness.

"I hope more people will have a greater awareness about autism and disabilities," he said.

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