Thursday, February 05, 2009

We Love Lists

Six (Why six? Just because) favorite time-wasting websites:

1. Awful Plastic Surgery

Now you too can identify classic over-plastic-surgeried celebrity no-nos, like trout pout, face melt and Spitting Image puppet.

2. Photoshop Disasters

Amuse yourself trying to figure out where the photoshopper went wrong. Extra digits, missing limbs, and subjects who throw no shadow in bright sunlight.

3. Waiter Rant

A waiter describes life in the restaurant business in New York. He's a good writer, and published a book this fall which I gave my brother for Christmas.

4. Cake Wrecks

You'll never pass up an opportunity to check out the cakes in your grocery store bakery section after you see some of these.

5. Passive Aggressive Notes

Those notes people leave for each other when they really should just sit down and talk about it.

6. Found Magazine

Notes and drawings that people have found on the ground, in a book, etc., and sent in to the site.

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