Saturday, January 10, 2009

One Way to Celebrate the Inauguration

Life: Inauguration
First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy chatting w. her debonaire brother-in-law, actor Peter Lawford, as they stand w. others at JFK's Inaugural Ball. Washington, DC, January 21, 1961, Photographer Paul Schutzer

I'm planning to drive down to my sister's and go to the mall on Inauguration with the other hundreds of thousands of happy Americans. Weather permitting, of course. We've had more winter in six weeks than we get most years. Snow storm, ice storm, snow storm, snow storm, snow storm, ice storm -- now we're scheduled to get snowed under again tonight and tomorrow.

So if the weather prevents me from attending the Inauguration, what will I do? I think I'll follow the example of this elderly South Carolina friend of Michelle Harrell, a professor at Roxbury Community College:

"On Inauguration Day, she's going to get up, put on her best suit, her fur, her panty hose, heels, and gloves, and she's going to sit in her living room and watch the inauguration," Harrell said. "Then she's going to take a nap. After dinner, she'll put on her long formal gown, her makeup and her jewelry, sit in her living room and watch the ball." The old woman told Harrell's sister she could join her -- provided she was properly attired.

Now that's a plan.

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