Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grow Up

Why must politicians treat their work like jr. high school?

There were plenty of smiles as she [Kirsten Gillibrand] was introduced in Albany last week, but Gillibrand is widely disliked within New York’s congressional delegation for her bullying personality and unwillingness to wait her turn in the Washington seniority queue. Already Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, of Long Island, has vowed to challenge Gillibrand in a 2010 Democratic primary because of the new senator’s pro-gun stance. Paterson seems to believe that he has cauterized the intramural Democratic fighting. Instead, the elevation of Gillibrand has widened the wound. Last Thursday, one of the governor’s aides called Andrew Cuomo, asking the attorney general to attend Gillibrand’s unveiling. Cuomo, according to a friend, said he’d be busy reorganizing his sock drawer.

This is also completely sexist, for in a man, "bullying personality" would be described as "hard-charging go-getter". Every time I read something like this about Gillibrand, I like her more.


Nancy said...

I'm so sick of people being behind the 8 ball before they even start their job.
I think Paterson was reveling in the attention his potential decision was getting - he should have said "you'll know when I tell you" and kept quiet til then.
I think Caroline Kennedy felt forced into the situation. I thought I read her cousin had "mentioned" her name for a potential replacement to Hillary and it seemed to me that everyone just jumped on the bandwagon dragging her along with it. I'm glad she withdrew but I don't believe it was for any other reason than she decided she didn't want the spotlight.

truth said...

Paterson does enjoy the spotlight, doesn't he?

I think Carolyn Kennedy will be better served if she has thought out her positions, is ready to be interviewed, and votes regularly.

I have a hard time taking someone who doesn't vote seriously.

The Light said...

Give me our preacher benediction in that church in Jacksonville; the Selma Alabama with Martin moment will live in my head forever. Vote baby, vote.

truth said...

Exactly. People fought and died so we could vote. And you don't vote? You're not a serious person, and not serious about politics.