Thursday, November 06, 2008

Traitor Joe Must Go

Tell the Democrats to dump Joe Lieberman from his chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Speaking in favor of John McCain and against Barack Obama at the Republican Convention, and campaigning for John McCain for the last year, must have consequences.

Let Traitor Joe go caucus with his good friends the Republicans.

Sign the petition.


Tzvee said...

i'd rather petition him to repent of his sins and come back into the fold - better outcome for everybody and not hard for such a fickle guy

truth said...

I wouldn't trust Joe Lieberman to water my plants. Remember all the promises he made to the voters of Connecticut when he ran as an independent in 2006? Like the very serious promise he made to campaign for the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2008. He also promised Connecticut voters he would caucus with the Democrats, then spent the past two years threatening to caucus with the Republicans.

He is no longer trustworthy and has forfeited the right to run the committee. Give it to someone from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

Shay said...

He doesn't deserve to chair the committees and beyond that let him figure out where to go. I imagine the Republicans will welcome him with open arms.

He certainly doesn't belong in a position of power after campaigning so actively against President Obama (oh that feels good to write!).