Saturday, October 25, 2008

News Roundup, Saturday, October 25, 2008

The original Maverick

Washington Post reports that public perceptions of Sarah Word Salad are dropping precipitously. The more people know about her and the more they learn about her, her polls go down. And that's without ever giving a press conference!

The New York Times reports on a growth area in the Bush Economy: yard sales.

You can watch most of Bill Maher's show on HBO last night at this dailykos diary. The third clip is the most important (watch it here) as Tim Robbins warns of voting shenanigans and how to protect your right to vote.

Media Matters reports on the right-wing media losing their ever-loving minds.

John McCain's brother
called 911 to complain about traffic (really!) and swore at the 911 operator when she chastised him for using 911 for this. Now he's withdrawing from the campaign. He can go hang around with Carly Fiorina, I guess.

A College Republican, volunteer for the McCain campaign, Ashley Todd, said she got attacked by a black man who carved a "B" on her face because she had a McCain sticker on her car. The McCain campaign jumped on the story and pushed it hard to reporters. John McCain and Sarah Palin even "called the family of the {sic} 'victim'". Problem: it was a hoax, in fine Karl Rove/Lee Atwater tradition, except for one thing -- the B was backwards, like, you know, a B would be if you tried to carve it on your own face in the mirror. She's been arrested and arraigned on charges of making a false police report.

This is your brain on dope:

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