Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Love These Kids

A different performance of "Vote However You Like" by the Ron Clark Middle School students. Every time I watch this I smile.


lovable liberal said...

Yes, I succumbed to a shallow attempt to grow new dendrites between blogs. You should too. Unless you think you have enough dendrites already.


truth said...

You are my only official "follower" (how did you do that, anyway?) so I must comply. But you are MESSING with my single-minded intensity, you know....


lovable liberal said...

On your Blogger dashboard, under Reading List, there's a tab called Blogs I'm Following. Click Add, type in a URL (that has a feed of some kind, say, RSS), and you're following the blog at that URL.

I didn't pay attention to this feature until someone followed my blog. The intent seems to be ever-better blogrolling.

To add your followers to your layout, you have to add the Followers gadget somewhere, but it's painless.

I did notice one, ahem, obsessive day this week that you must have pushed four of five items into the next day. Yeah, my buddy Tom tells me I post too much, but I can't stop. Step away from the keyboard with your hands up!

truth said...

I'm on a mission. Tuesday!

I'm heading to Virginia tomorrow to monitor a polling place on Election Day (in a swing state where it will matter) so will be forced to slow down by the press of actual campaign work.