Sunday, August 24, 2008

Double Win For Pia

Pia rocking the black socks.

Head Coach Pia Sundhage takes the USWNT to the Olympics gold medal, and USSoccer, in a shockingly fast display of common sense, gives her a four-year contract extension, to 2012 according to Swedish news reports.

Watch Sunil Gulati drop to his knees to ask her to stay here. The clip is from a Swedish newspaper. Lots of video of the post-game celebration including Christie Rampone giving Pia her own gold medal. (Coaches don't get them.)

Congratulations to Pia, and congratulations to USSoccer for getting this right. Now, Sunil, do you have your calls in to Guus Hiddink for the men? Let's steal him from Russia while they're preoccupied with Georgia. A good international coach must be the priority for the USMNT and the 2010 World Cup

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