Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Art Post

Water-bound azalea maze at Getty Central Garden in Los Angeles
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Just some stuff I saw on the Interwebs this week.

In the studios we've been talking about a new Dale Chihuly exhibit that's coming to RISD in October. He's got a big show right now at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, which the San Francisco Chronicle art critic hated. Here's a photo from one of the many parts of the exhibit:

The de Young originated the Dale Chihuly exhibition, which includes "Tabac Baskets," vessels evoking American Indian baskets.

More pics of the de Young exhibit can be found at Chihuly's own site. (Oh, and incidentally, I also found that Chihuly settled the lawsuit he filed against a former employee for copyright infringement; interesting post on the whole situation on The Stranger blog.)

Group News Blog has a post
about the Art-O-Mat project, where old cigarette machines are recycled into dispensers of random cigarette pack sized pieces of original art. There's only one in Massachusetts, in Northampton; the one in Providence, Rhode Island is probably just as close. The state with the most is North Carolina, and that's because the project was started by North Carolina artist Clark Whittington. Here's a podcast of an interview with Whittington.

A woman in London hired an artist to cut the Mona Lisa into her lawn.

This aluminum can art exhibit at the Renwick in DC looks cool.

James Brown owned a lot of tacky stuff. But I love that red leather couch.

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