Saturday, June 14, 2008

Global Warming Comes To Iowa

An aerial photo shows a flooded area of downtown looking North over Cedar Rapids, Iowa June 13, 2008. Interstate I-380 can be seen at top while Mays Island, with Cedar Rapids City Hall, is seen on the left with its bridges under water. Floodwaters have inundated about 100 city blocks of Cedar Rapids, Iowa's second-largest city with 200,000 residents.
(Ron Mayland/Reuters)

While the news commentators never mention global warming, how many cities and states can have 500 year floods before the media tell us the truth? If you google < iowa flooding > you get 13, 785 news results; if you google < iowa flooding global warming > you get 13, and half of those are global warming deniers.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the insurance companies can raise the home owners insurance now. They need more profits!

Tell those in Iowa, Grab your ankles, and watch you insurance go way up!

It's only fair, if they want to live in flood prone areas, they should pay for it through high premiums.