Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stupid Republican Tricks

John McCain is a little confused about foreign policy. Again. McCain said he would leave the decision about whether to shift troops from Iraq to Afghanistan to General Petraeus. Apparently, McCain is unaware of the parameters of the job of "Commander in Chief". Petraeus had just testified before Congress last week that, well, that's not his job. That's the CIC's job. For which McCain is abundantly unqualified.

Rep. Geoff Davis (R-Ky), member of the House of Representatives, calls Barack Obama "boy". As Americablog notes, that's southern for n*gger. I believe Representative Davis shortened his name from the original: Jefferson Davis.

Stephen Hadley, Bush's National Security Advisor, repeatedly referred to Tibet as Nepal while appearing on ABC on Sunday. Repeatedly! Heckuva job, Stephen. (Helpfully, AP (Administration Puppets? Absurd Pack? Assignment: Parliament? then purged the transcript to make it look like this Bush stooge knew what he was talking about.)

Joe LieRepublican sez, it's a good idea to ask if Barack Obama is a Marxist. I ask, why does Joe LieRepublican still chair a committee in the Democratic-controlled Senate? What will it take for him to get his walking papers? He is a Republican now, Connecticut for Lieberman be damned.

On John McCain's presidential campaign website, there are recipes contributed by Cindy McCain (the woman who stole drugs from a charity). Problem: the recipes are lifted from the Food Network website. Once a thief, always a thief.

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