Friday, December 14, 2007

Reactions To Roger's a 'Roider "News"

Clemens throws bat at Mike Piazza, Game 2 of 2000 World Series. 'Roid rage?

The most prominent name in George Mitchell's report on steroids in baseball is 7 time Cy Young award winner Roger Clemens. I've suspected the Rocket for a long time because he got too big and stayed too good long into his 40s. I couldn't even play once a week competitive (and that's stretching it) softball after the age of 40 because my body was so beat up. He's been striking out 22-year-olds well into his middle 40s. That's just not normal.

Here's a roundup of media reaction:

Tom Boswell, WaPo: The Rocket's Descent (The Australian paper that picked up this article gave it a much better title: Twin peaks just freaks in steroid circus)

Harvey Araton, New York Times: All-Juice Team Has Finally Found Its Ace: Clemens

Dan Shaughnessey, Boston Globe: Tainted Gloves

Peter Gelzinis, Boston Herald: Did Rocket tell son about moon shots?

Bill Madden, NYDailyNews: Roger Clemens' bid for Cooperstown likely will end with strikeout

Jose De Jesus Ortiz, Houston Chronicle: Scandal to cost Clemens support for Hall
Baseball writers have mixed views on whether pitcher will get their vote

Wallace Matthews, Newsday: Clemens must be judged same way as Bonds

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