Friday, December 28, 2007

MSG Settles Courtney Prince Sexual Harassment Suit

Just two weeks after settling with Anucha Browne Sanders, MSG eliminates their other pending sexual harassment suit by announcing a confidential settlement with Courtney Prince.

Both sides issued statements saying that there was no admission of wrongdoing by MSG. Sure. There's no way Courtney Prince did not get serious money here. The case was settled on MSG's timetable, not hers. Her trial was not even scheduled. MSG needed this to go away as it tries to get the focus off the ridiculous behavior of its front office.

The other reason I think she got serious money is that the Bush EEOC, not exactly a hotbed of liberal activism, tried to force an $800,000 settlement on MSG a few years ago. There's no way she settled for less. Just no way. Especially after some of the cheerleaders she worked with said that MSG had coerced them into making false statements against her. She had plenty of evidence against MSG, now evidence of them fabricating evidence; and what kind of reputation does James Dolan have at this point? You can't feel anything but happy but that jerk is writing her a big check.

NYTimes: Garden Settles a Lawsuit Filed by a Former Rangers Cheerleader

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