Thursday, November 15, 2007

England Pays Women Footballers a Pittance

BBCSport: England women angry at £40 wage

Teamtalk (uk): England's women earned £40 a day
England women's team can scarcely believe their talent is worth only £40-a-day each - the payment they received at the recent World Cup.

England's Football Association probably spent more money on airfare for all the mucky-mucks to go to China to pat themselves on the back about all they've done for women's football. While paying the players like counter help at McDonald's. Go ahead, wear the national team jersey for pride. Because you're not in it for the money, unless you're a man.

No wonder Kelly Smith kissed her boots -- she was looking for holes.

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Anonymous said...

Totally disgusting. Who sits on the board at the English Footy Federation? I'll give you one guess.

A big bunch of crooked toothed cavemen.