Saturday, September 01, 2007

"I am not gay. I have never been gay."

Puppets from the Broadway show Avenue Q have a little fun at the expense of soon-to-be former Idaho Senator Larry Craig:

I don't think Larry Craig should resign because he's gay, or because he likes to have sex with men. I think he should resign because he's a hypocrite who has been voting against other people who share his sexual preference. I also think he should resign because he needs time out of the public spotlight to look closely at his behavior during his adult life. The rumors about Larry Craig are longstanding. He was identified in the page scandal in the early 1980s (when he also made the statement that he was not gay) and six months later he married his congressional aide and adopted her three children. Nice beard.

A grown man who's still having anonymous sex in public bathrooms needs to do a little soul searching.


S.W. Anderson said...

I'm sure Sens. McConnell and McCain, Mitt Romney and other Republicans are congratulating themselves for having promptly jettisoned their fellow right-wing Republican. I'm sure GOP talking points in coming weeks will include reminders about how the party hurried him on his way.

The fact remains, the Minneapolis airport incident was merely the latest in a series over many years, as you point out. So, where were all those Republican champions of family values and strict moral standards all those years?

That's a question news and talk show hosts should be asking their many, many, Republican guests in the wake of Craig's departure. But you watch — few,if any, will ask that question. And if past performance is a fair indicator, none will persist in demanding a straight, no-spin answer.

JG said...

A grown man who's still having anonymous sex in public bathrooms needs to do a little soul searching

Hard to argue with that!