Tuesday, March 06, 2007

CNN Enables Rudy Giuliani's Deceitful Excuse

Rudy & Judi 4-eva

Why do I watch morning TV? To see outrages like this I suppose. Rudy Giuliani has treated his kids like shit. He was happy to trot them out for photo ops when he was mayor of New York. Then he took up with Judith Nathan, even to the point of bringing her into Gracie Mansion where he lived with his wife Donna Hanover and his two kids. Donna Hanover had to ask for a restraining order to keep Rudy from parading his mistress in front of his kids. (The family court judge agreed with her and issued the restraining order against Nathan.) Finally he got his divorce and married his paramour Nathan. Then he pretty much ignored his kids. Didn't go to his son Andrew's high school graduation (the kid is now on the golf team at Duke), didn't go to his daughter's plays, just wasn't around very much. Busy being America's Mayor and pimping out his reputation on the lecture circuit for $100,000 a pop. Just a regular dad, out there ignoring his first family. He doesn't even list his children on his official campaign website.

Not surprisingly, the kids don't really have a very good relationship with 'ol Rudy. Andrew Giuliani was quoted saying as much in the papers this week.

CNN did a piece just now with the brain-dead O'Brien twins, Miles and Soledad, questioning Candy Crowley. Of course, they painted Bill Clinton as a liability -- such a good speaker that it's hard to be on the same stage with him. Candy Crowley said it was like the old saying about children and dogs, you just don't want to share the stage with them. (She had to throw the word dog in there. Four letters short of horndog, what the wingnuts really want to say.)

And for Giuliani? She reported that he described his problems with his son Andrew as "problems blended families have." Then they showed a clip of Rudy saying the problem is just the kind that blended families have. Then Candy Crowley said, well, we all know that college kids are not easy to deal with. So it looks like this is just a blended family problem. End of story.

Blended families? No mention of how shittily Rudy treated his family and his kids. Bill Clinton is a liability because he's so popular, but Rudy's treatment isn't a liability, because it's just a blended family issue.

A Republican lie makes it onto cable TV while the truth is tying its shoes on the blogs. You heard it here first.

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