Friday, February 23, 2007

I Wish I Was In New York Today

So I could see this spectacle.

Telegraph (uk) Blog: I'm George Bush - please kick me

Beginning this afternoon in New York, the British performance artist Mark McGowan will crawl on his hands and knees for 72 hours dressed as George W Bush. He’ll be wearing a sign on his bottom that says: KICK MY ASS.

It’s obviously an extremely important cultural moment and I’m sure that museums and galleries will be lining up to install McGowan permanently somewhere in New York.

The artist will be on all-fours for 72 hours and will circumnavigate Manhattan covering 36 miles. He’ll wear knee pads and a cushion inside his trousers for protection.

Members of the public are encouraged to take part in the performance by actually kicking his posterior.

McGowan has said that he’s “offering the people of America, New York and visitors a service…a kind of therapeutic engagement. Hopefully people will be able to come and kick me (the President, George Bush) as hard as they like, and gain some comfort in the fact that they can say I kicked George in the ass. On a more serious note this is a protest against George Bush and his policies and I am expecting injuries, I just hope not too severe.”

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