Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Corporation Smears Democrats

RawStory: An image of bondage gear is then shown, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi then depicted in a dominatrix outfit while the associated jingle declares that "Love is free with Pelosi":

This time it's Blue Mountain Greeting Company, a subsidiary of American GreetingsInteractive which is owned by American Greetings.

I won't be buying any American Greetings cards until I see a full, widely-disseminated apology for this crap. Of course, there is no Love Republican Style card. It wouldn't be as easy to photoshop the Rethugs stealing our money to give it to Halliburton and oil companies. And the images of Abu Ghraib aren't exactly holiday fare.

RawStory: National greeting card company carrying 'Love Democratic style' card with Pelosi, others in bondage


Anonymous said...

The History Channel's information on the background of Valentine's Day was provided by . . . . American Greetings. Doh! >:-)

Anonymous said...

American Greeting Company,
How about a card with the ^% shooting his hunting pal, or the #&^% shown stealing the tax payers money via laundering it through that War they fabricated.
Sorry! no more American Greeting Cards here.

Anthony said...

I did a post on it, and sent an e-mail to their Consumer relations department. Here's the spin - I mean response, I got:

Thank you for sharing your feedback on one of the political humor e-cards offered by our online greetings division. The company tracks and considers all consumer feedback, so your comments have been forwarded to the people who plan our future online card programs for their review.

It was never our intention to offend anyone, and we regret any concern this e-card may have caused. With billions of online and paper cards sent annually in the U.S., I'm sure you can appreciate the wide variety of individual tastes that the industry seeks to meet.

We appreciate the fact that this creative direction is not for everyone. However, humor is very subjective, and just as preferences in books, movies, TV programs and stand-up comedy routines vary widely, so do online card preferences.

While there is no current plan to alter the duration of our Valentine’s Day e-card offerings, we will definitely take your comments into consideration as we develop future content. Again, thank you for writing. We value hearing about the interests and concerns of card users.

Consumer Relations
American Greetings Corporation