Tuesday, January 23, 2007

News Round-Up, January 23, 2007

Stories I didn't get around to this weekend, in no particular order:

Yesterday was Blog for Choice day (see photo, above). Why am I pro-choice? Because I believe women are equal and free. In order for women to be equal and free, we have to have the right to make decisions about what happens to our bodies. It's that simple. Digby nails the argument.

Steve Clemons at the Washington Note asks Bill Richardson, do you have a problem with inappropriate behavior towards women? Making lewd gestures to women. Jeez. If I worked with him, I'd already have been fired for kicking him in the jewels. Welcome to the 21st century, Bill.

Scooter Libby is using the Marion Barry defense: "Bitch set me up!" The bitch being Karl Rove.

The NYTimes sez, lower your cholesterol the old-fashioned way, with niacin (vitamin B).

The NYTimes also has a ridiculous article peddling White House spin about how involved Chimpy McFlightsuit is in editing his speeches. Right. The guy doesn't like to read, but he's a great editor.

The US has created a new superbug, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, in Iraq; according to Wired News, 700 US soldiers have been infected to date.

The WaPo ran an attack-piece on the front page this weekend about the sale of John Edwards's house; TPM has been following the blow-back.

Steve Gilliard's News Blog moved. Note to self, update bookmarks.

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JollyRoger said...

Got to love how the Chimpromised MSM tries hard to knock out any sensible candidates for President early.

And they wonder why nobody trusts them anymore.