Sunday, October 08, 2006

PredatorGate Drip, Drip, Drip

The Los Angeles Times reports today that Foley had sex with one of the pages he pursued after he left the page program. The fact of Foley's predatory behavior was well known in the page program, as "The Times found the former page after others identified him as someone whose contacts with Foley went beyond graphic messages." The page served during Foley's first term in Congress, so we know this went on for the entire decade plus Foley trolled for young boys in Congress.

A soldier in Iraq has been subpoaened as a witness in the Foley investion.

Tom Reynolds, the NRCC Committee Chair who was one of several Republican leaders who failed to stop Foley, has gone from a safe Republican seat to fighting for his political life; the Buffalo News reports today that he is now trailing his opponent 48 to 33 percent.

Sounds like the voters won't distinguish between the predators and the Congressmen that harbor them, either.

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