Sunday, July 16, 2006

What's Missing From This Story?

Image courtesy Suburban Guerrilla

WaPo: Temperatures Hit Upper 90s Coast to Coast

CHICAGO -- Temperatures soared into the upper 90s and higher Sunday from coast to coast, bringing out heat warnings, wilting athletes and driving others into the shade.

The choking heat was expected to continue for the next few days, and the hot air was moving toward the East Coast, meteorologists said.

Read the whole article, and if you haven't already guessed the answer, check the comments.


truth said...

It's global warming, which is almost never mentioned in weather reporting. No matter how many times unusual weather is reported, it is never attributed to climate change.

Because it's an inconvenient truth.

Anonymous said...

News is all about packaging. We just need to tone down the color scale and everybody will feel better .... some cool blue, some bright blue breezes, some greens .... but stay away from the reds, the oranges ....

Why do I feel like that frog in the kettle ?