Sunday, July 30, 2006

Calling the Commonwealth's Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Are You There?

Daniel W. Goldstone, at his collection agency, Norfolk Financial Corp., was disbarred this year. In 1996, a federal judge determined he had bilked a client [Sears, Roebuck] out of more than $800,000.(Globe Staff Photo / John Tlumacki)

Boston Globe: Debtors' Hell
Part I: Preying on Red-Ink America

Great piece in today's Boston Globe on sleazy collection agents taking advantage of lax government oversight to prey on small debtors, taking their cars and even their homes for non-payment of credit card debt. If our Attorney General Tom Reilly, Democratic candidate for governor, had guts, or a smidgen of opportunistic political sense, the two scumbags profiled, disbarred attorney Daniel Goldstone and his brother Chad Goldstone, would be served with papers tomorrow by the state seeking an immediate cessation to their operations. Unfortunately Tom Reilly has shown all the backbone of an invertebrate, and no political sense, so he'll continue to drive his gubernatorial campaign into the ground and ignore it.

My advice to Tom would be, the Globe has handed you a gift. This is an issue you have jurisdiction over, which would be popular with all voters! Jump on this!

Not holding my breath.

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