Wednesday, June 07, 2006

World Cup Links

1950 World Cup poster

Tomorrow we head to Germany! Whee-hoo! Today I bought Eddie Bauer heavy-duty rain ponchos (weather has been lousy in Germany, so hopefully by going super-prepared, it will be hot and sunny while we're there), two big nylon American flags to drape ourselves in, three new soccer magazines (thank you Barnes & Noble) and a notebook for the trip. I've been doing this lately, taking a small fits-in-your-purse notebook on my trips. I find myself recording my meals, the weather, funny things that happen, and I draw something every day. Whiles away long train rides, and a great record when you get home.

Anyway, here are my favorite links of the day:

Clint Dempsey aka The Deuce has a website. Did you know that he rooms with Eddie Johnson? John O'Brien with Tim Howard?

Wayne Rooney cleared
to play for England. My prediction is that he will be about as effective as David Beckham was in 2002 -- not very.

Secret footage of the Italian team training for the Cup. Too funny.

My favorite player DaMarcus Beasley profiled in WaPo: On the Eve of the World Cup, Beasley's Full of Anticipation

NTimes World Cup Blog has a daily rundown of injuries, team by team.

Cisse, the French striker who missed most of Liverpool's 2004 season with a broken left leg, has sadly broken his right leg in the friendly against China. Big blow to France, and your heart has to go out to Cisse.

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